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“Be bold, be adventurous and be courageous.”

Hilarie Bass, esq.

President, American Bar Association
Co-President, Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Are you ready to lead and/or contribute to the transformations – technological and otherwise – that are shaping, and will continue to shape, the legal industry? The answer must be YES!

Undoubtedly, each of us has the capacity to spark innovation. Each of us has the ability to affect how legal work products are defined and created, the process through which lawyers deliver, and charge for, legal work products and how lawyers collaborate with clients and professionals from all disciplines to meet clients’ needs and to address broader socioeconomic challenges facing our global communities.

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Practicing innovation can be pretty straight-forward, and here’s a great starting point: Beginning with a blank slate, brainstorm the steps you might take to:

Improve how legal work products are defined and created?

Make more efficient the process through which lawyers deliver legal work products, including through the use of automation and artificial intelligence?

Ameliorate broader socioeconomic challenges?

Enhance how lawyers collaborate with clients and other professionals from all disciplines to meet clients’ needs in the most efficient way?

Frontier of the Law seeks to provoke innovation by presenting different ideas and themes in the blog posts that appear on this site. Take a moment to review the posts and share with this community platform the thoughts that come to mind. Or, you are welcome to share your thoughts by authoring a blog post for publication for the benefit of this community. The members of this community can, then, through responsive blog posts build on the ideas and concepts presented and even synthesize a new set of ideas and/or concepts.


While you’re brainstorming, just assume that anything and everything are possible.


The blog posts are grouped into the thematic categories below.

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Inclusion and Diversity

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Artificial Intelligence


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Corporate Governance

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The World of Private Equity

Legal Education

Data Privacy and Security

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Innovative Mindset